Department of Radiopharmacy 

Used for imaging and treatment in nuclear medicine; pharmaceutical dosage forms containing radioactive part in their structure are called "Radiopharmaceutical". The branch of pharmacy responsible for the formulation, development, preparation, marking (radio labelling) of radiopharmaceuticals, quality control, keeping records and administration to the patient is called "Radiopharmacy" and the pharmacist dealing with these works is called "Radiopharmacist (Nuclear Pharmacist)".

After the radiopharmaceutical is given to the patient, the radiation emitted from the radionuclide is detected by detectors and converted into an image by means of a computer. Anatomical information is obtained by imaging the distribution of radiopharmaceuticals in the organism, and physiological information is obtained by determining the changes in the distribution over time. In addition, radiopharmaceuticals are used for the treatment of various diseases and for the development of pharmaceutical dosage forms.

Research Areas of Radiopharmacy Department

·         Development of new radiopharmaceuticals, quality controls, preparation of ready-to-use lyophilized kits.