The Department of Pharmacognosy which is one of the basic disciplines of the pharmacy profession examines the natural pharmaceutical raw materials. The determination, isolation, structure elucidation and biological activity studies of natural bioactive compounds that can be used for therapeutic, prophylactic or dermo-cosmetic purposes and, the quality control processes and standardization of natural products are among the research areas of Pharmacognosy.


Research Areas

•         Pharmacopoeia analysis

•         Bioactivity studies to determine the biological activities of natural resources

•         Detection of the bioactive compounds in natural resources and, the isolation and structure determination of these compounds

•         Development and validation studies of phytochemical analysis methods

•         Natural dermocosmetics, food supplements and nutraceuticals

•         Quality control and standardization studies on natural products

•         Traditional and complementary medicine methods

•         Phytotherapy


Academic Staff

Assistant Professor Osman Tuncay AGAR
Assistant Professor Fatma Tugce GURAGAC DERELI

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