Basic Sciences of Pharmacy

Res & Dev studies for drug development generally start with fundamental science. Fundamental science, in its simplest form, are understanding the fundamental laws of nature with a sense of "curiosity". In the Department of Pharmaceutical Basic Sciences, lessons that will contribute to the training of pharmacist and researchers that our country needs and to create the infrastructure of applied sciences are given.


Research Areas: Total Synthesis of Natural Products, Asymmetric Synthesis, Alkaloid Chemistry, Heterocyclic Compounds, Structure Analysis (NMR, FTIR, HPLC etc.).



Compulsory Lessons                                                         Optional Lessons

PHARM109 General Chemistry I                                PHARM327 Heterocyclic Compounds

PHARM110 General Chemistry II                               PHARM322 Design and Synthesis of Drug Ingredient Substance

PHARM251 Organic Chemistry I                                PHARM324 Structure Elucidation in Drug Ingredient Matters

PHARM242 Organic Chemistry II                               PHARM429 Drug Nomenclature

                                                                                        PHARM517 Alkaloid Chemistry

                                                                                        PHARM519 Organic Reaction Mechanisms

                                                                                        PHARM521 NMR Spectroscopy


Academic staff

Associate professor Senem AKKOC

Assistant Professor Mustafa ER
Assistant Professor Firdevs MERT SIVRI