Pharmaceutical Toxicology

Toxicology is the science that studies the harmful effects of chemical agents in our environment or taken into the body. The sources of toxic substances, their properties, their entry into the organism, their mechanism of action, toxic doses, their metabolism and effects on the living organism, the treatment of intoxications, the isolation and analysis of toxic substances are the study areas of toxicology. Toxicology studies the cellular, biochemical and molecular mechanisms of adverse effects of chemical substances and reveals the risks associated with them. In this context, sub-branches such as clinical toxicology, environmental toxicology, industrial toxicology, forensic toxicology, analytical toxicology and ecotoxicology have emerged. As the department of pharmaceutical toxicology, during the education process, we aim to provide students with the basic knowledge in these fields and competence in applying them professionally.

Our department offers courses on;

  • Pharmaceutical Toxicology I,
  • Pharmaceutical Toxicology II,
  • Pharmaceutical Toxicology Laboratory I
  • Pharmaceutical Toxicology Laboratory II,
  • The Toxicological Importance of Drug Use in Pregnancy, Childhood and Old Age,
  • Environmental Toxicology,
  • Cosmetic Preparations and Toxicity Risks Related to Their Use.