Pharmaceutical Technology

Pharmaceutical Technology is the science that deals with the development of the most durable, effective, safe form of medicine possible using natural, semi-synthetic and synthetic active substances and excipients. In our department, formulations used in the pharmaceutical field are developed and necessary analysis, testing and quality control studies are carried out for these formulations. New analysis and test methods can also be developed when necessary. The mission of our department is to provide theoretically and applied education and training for all pharmacist candidates in the field of pharmacy, to conduct scientific research in this field and to train experts, scientists and academicians. In our department; The theoretical and practical courses of Pharmaceutical Technology I, II, III, IV for the preparation of basic pharmaceutical dosage forms are given in 4 consecutive semesters starting from the 5th semester. In addition, in the 8th semester, cosmetology course is theoretically given to students within the curriculum and it is aimed to have detailed knowledge about cosmetic products. Our department includes 2 branches of science. These are the Biopharmaceutical and Pharmacokinetics Department and Cosmetology Department. In the Biopharmaceutical and

Pharmacokinetics Department; Basic Pharmacokinetics, Biopharmaceutical and Pharmacokinetics elective courses are given.

Research Areas of Pharmaceutical Technology Department
·         Preformulation and Formulation Studies
·         Solid Dosage Forms (Tablets, Capsules, Coated Tablets etc.)
·         Formulation and In Vitro Examination of Disperse Systems (Emulsions, Suspensions)
·         Nanoformulations (Nanosuspensions etc.)
·         Transdermal Therapeutic Systems (TTS)
·         Studies on Drug Production and Test Methods
·         Stability Studies
·         Patent Studies in Medicine
·         Research and Development (R&D) and Scale-Up Studies in Pharmaceutical Industry
·         Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) in the Pharmaceutical Industry
·         Controlled Release Systems
·         Drug Delivery Nanosystems
·         Formulation and In Vitro Examination of Targeted Drug Delivery Systems

Research Areas of Biopharmaceutical and Pharmacokinetics Department

·         Bioavailability and Bioequivalence


Research Areas of Cosmetology Department

·         Development of Cosmetic Product Formulations and in vitro Characterization

·         Cosmetic Product Tests and Safety Evaluation Studies


Academic Staff

Assistant Professor Sıla GULBAG PINAR

Research Assistant Meryem KAPLAN

Research Assistant Gizem TEZEL